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Also you must have original (STEAMED game version) if you want to use this one non-steam CS 1.6 game version.

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Download CS 1.6 setup file, just click on Cs 1.6 download or Counter Strike 1.6 download button, which is at the bottom of this page. It's full CS 1.6 game client with masterserver (plugin which must be installed into CS client if you want to see online CS 1.6 server's list). Our CS 1.6 client have all most important update's, it's very important if you want to have fully working CS 1.6 game. CS 1.6 setup file is fully protected from all known slowhacking method's (autoconnect (autoexec.cfg, violence.cfg, userconfig.cfg and other game config file's modifying), Game Menu modifying, other slowhack's - .VBS, .DLL, .EXE, .DEM, .SAV files sending and autoruning it without player accept. So if you want to have fully working CS 1.6 client, just download it by click on one of few button's.

Counter Strike 1.6 gameplay screenshots.
Counter-Strike 1.6 gameplay screenshot (terrorist with glock de_dust2 near ct base attacking Counter-Terrorist) you can DOWNLOAD Counter-Strike 1.6 game absolutely free from our web page. Counter-Strike 1.6 gameplay screenshot number two (terrorist with AK-47 rifle gun) lets download cs from, our cs 1.6 client is free of virus and have max fps (frames per second) who will increase your skill and game quality. Counter-Strike 1.6 gameplay screenshot number three (Counter-Terrorists attacking terrorist and tries to save a plant). Counter-Strike 1.6 download - You can download this game from a direct link or uTorrent, if you want download it from a direct link just click on CS 1.6 DOWNLOAD or COUNTER-STRIKE 1.6 DOWNLOAD button/link. Counter-Strike 1.6 gameplay screenshot number four (Counter-Terrorist killed terrorist with headshot from USP on 1st round). You can download CS 1.6 torrent using uTorrent application, with uTorrent you will get max. download speed and you also can pause/resume cs 1.6 torrent download whenever you want - Just click on Download Counter-Strike 1.6 torrent. button.
Counter-Strike 1.6 ( CS 1.6 ).

About Counter Strike 1.6

CS 1.6 - Counter Strike 1.6 is first person shooter genre game with multi-player and single-player features. Counter-Strike 1.6 game server's have a lot of modification's like Death-Run, CSDM, Knife, Zombie Plague and many other's. CounterStrike (CS) game was developed by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe, Counter-Strike is a game of Half-Life game modification. The first Counter-Strike (CS) game has been distributed separately, and was presented with the Half-Life and other games.

In 1999 year's engaged in development of this version of the Planet Half-Life community. Since then, was released a lot of Counter-Strike game beta versions. In 1999 year's June 18 day was released the first publicly accessible CounterStrike game beta version. In 2000 year's August 12 day Valve has announced the merging with Counter-Strike developers and about during the 2000 Christmas was released CounterStrike 1.0. The current, wildly popular, CounterStrike game 1.6 version was released in 2003 year's September 15 day.

Counter-Strike (CS) 1.6 game point is to beat down enemies team - Terrorist's (T) or Counter-Terrorist's (CT). When all members of enemies team is eliminated, then survivor's team wins the match and if no one player was killed in winner's team, then winners team just get flawless victory. Counter Strike 1.6 multi-player game is more interesting than single player game, because you can meet your friend's, do clan fights and many featured stuff.

Counter-Strike 1.6 the dust map

Counter Strike 1.6 game is full of adventure and action, CS 1.6 game play style depends on the map type, if you want to know the rules of the CS 1.6 game which depends on the type of playing map and standard tactics, then just read the next article.

From the first CS game's release date, CS1.6 game developer's, publisher's and player's was started to think about this game tournaments. Tournament preparation of Counter-Strike version 1.6 game was made this game more popular and increased range of player's. CS 1.6 game tournament winnings amounted to thousands of dollars, hundreds of the best players in the game, fighting for the prize, Counter-Strike game, team members from around the world gathered in the great hall where the fight for the prize. Unfortunately this honorable position currently occupied another game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Counter Strike game has always been the most popular FPS type game, it has been regularly updated and improved - from a variety of bug fixes, slowhack problem's fix, modifications, and additional applications of the game development to the updated versions of the game's release. At this moment, Counter Strike game is very common throughout the world, millions of people playing it from a variety of countries.

CS 1.6

CS 1.6 - modified game versions

Counter-Terrorist from the game cs 1.6.

Counter-Strike 1.6 have a lot of modified this game version's, like 1.7, romanian or lithuanian version's, extreme (xtcs - in short) Counter Strike, warzone and a lot of other modification's. These modifications of the game was created for the game's popularity grow, and not the opposite.

In XTCS or 1.7 game version's you will see better game graphics and physics, modified model's (another name - skins), sound's, object's, map's and other file's of the game, however, despite these advantages, many players still prefer the old version of the game.

In WarZone client of CS game you will see classic game graphics, physics and all game files, but this version of the game is protected from slowhack methods, slowhack - Player game files change, modification or editing without player approval.

Rampage CS 1.6 client is protected from slowhack too and have classic game file's.

CS 1.6 WarZone.

You can cs 1.6 download this game client goin over CS 1.6 WarZone. Game was updated up to 2019 year standarts. Warzone modficated game is way different then it use to be in 2011 year. Feel free to check it out what is new in game.

WarZone version of CS 1.6 game was created and published in 2011, official website of CS WARZONE is CS 1 6 warzone version was created, because a lot of players had a very bad problem - SLOWHACK. We already mentioned what is slowhack in older articles, but I still want to repeat this term, because not all visitors of our site read all our articles.

SLOWHACK - It's CS 1.6 players settings (configuration) or files change, modification without prompt, when you playing in any CS1.6 game server you can have problems like keys binding with connect commands to another server (example: you just click button Z for radio commands, but you will connect to server and you will not see radio commands menu) or autoexec.cfg, userconfig.cfg or any other CFG file content change to CONNECT commands (example: you just start CS1.6 by click on shortcut "Counter Strike 1.6" which is on your desktop and after this you just connecting to counterstrike server automatically).

So, WarZone client of CS 1.6 was fixed these problems: GameMenu change, CFG's files content rewrite, keys binding, .dll or .exe files sending for player and it affected the growth of counterstrike game popularity too.

Our game client Screen-Shot:

CS 1.6 Counter-Terrorist screenshot

Game gamemodes

Deffuse gamemode

When playing DE_ (deffuse) type of CS 1.6 game maps, for a certain period of time (time is determined by the server on which you play developer or server administration) terrorist's team must reach the place where they can plant and activate C4 explosive bomb, if the terrorist's successfully plant's the bomb, then the police (Counter-Terrorist's) team must to defuse the bomb or members of police team must to kill all of the enemies team members. Terrorist, who successfully plant bomb (C4) on A or B plant and C4 successfully explodes, receive 3 personal point's of the game, Counter-Terrorist, who successfully defuse bomb (C4) receive 3 personal points of the game too.

Counter gamemode

When playing CS_ type of CS 1.6 game maps, policemen (Counter-Terrorist's) team for a certain period of time must to escape hostages from a terrorists team (come to a place where standing hostages, access any of the hostages individually, press the E key, and lead all of the hostages to the rescue zone) or members of a team must kill all of the enemies team members. For each of the first touch of the hostages, the member of CT's team will get 150 dollars, also receives a certain amount of dollars for a successful hostages rescue.

Assassination gamemode

When playing AS_ type of CS 1.6 game maps, game engine just randomly select one player of CT's team, this lucky player get VIP status (Player, who get's the VIP status, have a 100HP, 200 ARMOR and the default gun of CT's (Counter-Terrorist's) team - a pistol USP (VIP member can't buy other weapons)), all members of the CT's team must protect their VIP member and help him to escape to the rescue zone, if the police (Counter-Terrorist's team) fail to do it on a certain period of time or terrorist team member kills the VIP member, the round will over, the terrorists wins the match and terrorists team gets one point of the game.

Custom gamemode

When playing AIM_, FY_ or DM_ type of CS1.6 game maps, the main objective of the CS1.6 game is to kill all of the enemies team member's. In CS 1.6 game, one of any member of the enemies team (player) kill guarantees a personal point of the game.

arly, was possible download CS 1.6 game mirror only for PC with Microsoft Windows operating system, but now a lot of first-person shooter games fans use not only windows os, in these days linux, mac and other operating systems is gaining popularity very quickly, so now Counterstrike game developers offer CS 1 6 download and for other operating systems, thus, none of the players do not remain disadvantaged.
If you want to download CS 1.6 for other operating system, just read these few simple steps:

  1. Go to or
  2. In search box type: CS 1.6 linux download (if you use not linux os, just type your operating system name instead of linux).
  3. Find the best one website where you can download game version which is compatible with your operating system.
  4. Download cs game.
  5. Install game to your computer and enjoy it!

Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6) Setup file component's:

Computer recommended minimal system requirement to play CS 1.6 game is listed bellow. It's recommended to have windows 10, windows 8 or 8.1, 7, XP and 2000, ME, 98, 95 operating systems to able to play the game.

Your PC is compatible? Then don't wait anymore and let's download CS 1.6 game.

Our CS 1.6 client Screen-Shots.
CS 1.6 CS 1.6